May 19, 2009

A Week of Pure Passion

There is a fantastic book giveaway contest on My Friend Amy's blog. She is calling it A Week of Pure Passion, to highlight and promote Julie Lessman's fabulous books, A Passion Most Pure, A Passion Redeemed, and A Passion Denied.

I have to sadly confess (gasp, an adverb!) that I have not read any of these books. I know, I know, it's shocking. But I DID win A Passion Most Pure on Susan Reinhardt's blog and should be receiving it early next week!!!

I've been told the sigh-producing and heart-thumping romance in these three Christian books is breathtakingly fantastic. I can't wait to see for myself.

So hop on over for a chance to win one or all three or even a critique by Julie Lessman...for you writer's out there!


  1. If you like romance, then you'll love these. They're very thrilling and heart-tingling. :-) Let us know what you think.

  2. Thanks for sharing Sherrinda!

  3. I'm hearing great things about her books! I will definitely have to put them on my summer reading list (or maybe mid-summer reading list?) (or maybe fall reading list?). Or will I ever have the time read again? Yikes! OK, overwhelming moment. Deep breath! Back to work on my long to-do list! :)

  4. Sigh producing? Heart-thumping?

    I'm in!! I love, love, love romance.


  5. Wow, I've been hearing a lot about these books. So...I just hopped on over to Amazon to put one on my wishlist. I'll check out the contest, too. Thanks!

  6. Sherrinda:
    Why, how kind of you to tell us about this!
    Here i go...

    Happy Weekend,

  7. I hope everyone enjoys the link and gets a chance at a book or critique! Very exciting!

  8. Hey, Sherrinda, sorry to barge in on you here but I couldn't find another contact addy. Um, check out the prize post I just put up on Romance Bandits. You might be pleasantly surprised!

  9. Neat, I'll have to run over and sign up for the contest - those books sound interesting.

    Check out my blog. I gave you a "Lovely Blog Award" today. Thanks for your wonderful posts!


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