September 07, 2010

Top Ten Ideas for Wordlessness

I've got a TOP TEN List over at The Writer's Alley for all you writers who battle wordlessness.


  1. Hey Sherrinda! How's life treating you these days, girl?

  2. Hi Katie!!!! I am finally getting back on my feet after my August Rush. :) Today is really my first day back in the saddle, getting back to blogging, writing, and life. I'll be seeing you more in cyber space.... Have a great day!

  3. It was a great list Sherrinda! Even when we don't have the words we can just start there, no need to fear the blinking cursor and the stark white screen.

  4. Missin' you, girl!
    Will be headin' over!

  5. Tamika, fear is so paralyzing! I pray that it doesn't happen often for me in my writing. :)

    Patti! I'm missing you too. I've missed my cyber friends this past month. I do believe I am back though, so watch for me...


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