October 29, 2010

What Is Your WPH? (words per hour)

I've been reading From The Inside...Out - discover...create...and publish the novel in you! by Susan May Warren & Rachel Hauck, hoping that I will grasp the whole writing thing before NaNoWriMo next week. May I just say that this workbook is FABULOUS! I think what I like about it is that she takes you through a journey of questions to help you discover what you need to know your characters and plot your book. The questions get you thinking and spur the imagination. Perfect for a beginner writer like me.

Now, she wrote something that kinda floored me, and I wanted to know what your experience is. Here it is:
Let's assume you have 12 weeks to write a 30-chapter book, with approximately 3000 words per chapter. That's 1500 words per scene. That's thirty minutes a page.
Granted, she said not everyone will write at that pace. Some may be faster, some may be slower. I know there are people on Twitter who do the 1000 words per hour challenge and are successful at it (search #1k1hr on Twitter to see who's doing it). But I want to know what YOU do. What is your usual verbiage per hour? What is your WPM?

October 26, 2010

Check This Out....

Romance covers...you gotta love 'em. This cover is just plain weird. First, her position in the tree...can we say OUT OF PROPORTION? Then look at the hero's expression. Is that fear? Really...doesn't that just make you want to pick this book up and read it?

I didn't think so.

I've got book covers through the ages posted over at The Writer's Alley today. It took me HOURS to put it together, so go take a look and tell which is your favorite. (Personally, I like the one with the floating heads around the heroine.)

October 22, 2010

Plot In Your Face

As I made the decision to do NaNoWriMo and began plotting, I have been bombarded with great posts on plotting. So I thought I would share these great posts for you to peruse and glean from.

Kaye Dacus: Look What @Sherrinda Made Me Do
A look into Kaye's storyboarding/plotting while she is furiously trying to meet a deadline.

Erica Vetsch: Plotting and Pages
A look into Erica's plotting techniques.

Julia Reffner: Storyboarding for "Plodders" & "Mist Flyers", Storyboarding Part I
Great look into the benefits of storyboarding.

Cindy Wilson: Writing With A Formula (even if you are not a plotter)
A great tool for figuring out your story's main plot.

There are the fun posts I found this week on plotting. I also purchased My Book Therapy's book, From the Inside Out...discover, create, & publish the novel in you. It is a great tool and very simplistic, and has worksheets to help you think through your story in the development stages. So far, I love this book! I'm hoping it helps this next week as I get this plotting finished for NaNo.

Have a Happy Weekend!

October 18, 2010

I've Jumped Into Insanity

I closed my eyes and jumped over the edge. The edge of insanity. I have joined the thousands who have signed up to participate in National Novel Writing Month, affectionately known as NaNoWriMo. And if you don't already know, November is the month of this blessed insanity.

Yes, I know I work full time; and yes, I know Thanksgiving is a part of the month. But I need a jump start and I thought the challenge of getting 50,000 words written in a month was a perfect way to get going. There is a slight problem in that you have to start from scratch, and I have already written eight pages on my new story. I think I may re-write it at the beginning of November to be in compliance. Do you think that will be okay?

So now, I am working on getting a better outline. (I know, Kaye, I need to quit that and just write, but I think I need to do this....this kick in the backside!) I need some structure so that I can just write and not get stuck thinking of where to go next.

Is anyone else participating? Need a NaNo Buddy? My user name is Sherrinda, so look me up and add me! Or click on the NaNo Badge. It should link you to my NaNo Page.

October 15, 2010

Life As We Know It - The Movie!

Yesterday my coworker and I left work and saw the movie, Life As We Know It. It had been a long day and thought to reward ourselves for holding our snarkiness down to a humane level. And may I say that this movie was a great movie to go to with a girlfriend and unwind.

Katherine Heigel and Josh Duhamel have such great chemistry in this movie and their obvious love for little Sophie is the glue that binds them together.

I found myself analyzing this movie and comparing it to the the Three Act Structure. There is the obvious inciting incident, clear obstacles, and then a major black moment. I'd share them with you, but I'm sure you are all going to see the movie, so I won't spoil it for you!

It really helped me in my own new story. I've thought alot about the black moment and seeing it so clearly in the movie today showed me how to go about it.

And Kaye...I have started my story! I haven't written as much as I have wanted, but I've started and am 2000 words in. (which was a personal goal of mine...to write 2000 words a week.)

So go have fun this weekend. Catch a movie and write a page or two on your novel. You will be guaranteed a fabulous time if you do a little of both.

October 11, 2010

Accomplishing Goals

Goals are a funny thing to me. Sometimes I make goals and am fired up to meet those goals. Other times I make goals and fritter away my time and energy on other things and seem to avoid my goals like the plague. I haven't figured out what the difference is yet, but I will.

Last week I made huge goals for myself. Huge for me, that is. My goal at work was to finish inputting all the data from the registration papers (from August). I know it's been six weeks and you probably wonder why it's not done, but when you factor a continual flow of kids coming in and moving out of the school, plus other urgent jobs of mine like report cards, finding dropouts, etc., you get behind in other things. Well I'm happy to say that I met my goal and it feels GREAT. So great that I took Friday off, which allowed me to accomplish another goal of mine.

I was able to write on my new story. So I only got five pages done, but it's a start and sometimes that is the hardest part of the whole book...just getting started. I've now set a weekly goal of 2000 words. I know, it's not a lofty goal, but working full time doesn't give me a lot of extra energy in the evenings.

So I'm praying that I can stick to my goal and not avoid it. I can do it. I can. I will. And I will report in at a later date.

Are any of you out there goal setters? Do goals work for you?

October 05, 2010

Winner of Love Remains

The winner of Love Remains by Kaye Dacus is:


Congratulations! I know you will love the book as much as I did!


I'm posting today at The Writer's Alley about the Inner Sanctum. What is the sacred place of creativity?

October 04, 2010

Black Moments

I'm working on a synopsis for my next project, a speculative piece of fiction. I've taken Camy Tang's class on the Synopsis, so I know what to do, yet I am struggling with finding the black moment. You know, the main conflict that throws the main character under the bus. The conflict that takes the hero or heroine to the crossroads where they question, ponder and come to a new knowledge about themselves and their situation.

So why am I struggling? I don't know. Sometimes it's hard to be mean to my characters. In my last book my heroine was beaten (she was dressed as a boy and well, it's medieval times and people brawled back then!) so I suppose I don't really have trouble being mean. But in the contemporary world, you don't always have the physical brutality of earlier eras. You have the politically correct, sanitized world of the 21st century.

Since it's speculative, there is a bit of magic in it (not witches or anything like that), so with that thrown in, it gives a different spin on things for me and it is difficult to spin a plot that weaves the spiritual thread in with the "magical" element. I'm mulling things over and trying out different catastrophic plot points to see what works and what doesn't. So far the "doesn't" is winning out over the "does", but I'll keep trying.

BECAUSE...I am ready to start a new story. This is the week...I feel it. And if it doesn't come to me by the weekend, I'm starting anyway.

Who else has trouble with conflict in their story? Any black moment surprises?

October 01, 2010

Kindle Time!

I am now the extremely proud owner of a Kindle! I know I've shared about my Kindle fund, a collection of dollar bills from my birthday and the Amazon gift cards I've earned while searching the internet through Swagbucks. But I ended up not using my Kindle fund, and here's why:

Tuesday I got to work at 7:15 a.m. and got a migraine at 7:45 a.m. I thought I could take a migraine pill and muddle through the day, but by 8 a.m. I knew there was no way I could stay upright for long. I went home, took some migraine and nausea medicine, and slept until 2:30 p.m. I would have slept longer, but the doorbell rang. I tried to clear my head and went to answer the door, only to find a small Amazon box on my door.

I knew I had not ordered any books, because I was saving my Amazon money for my Kindle. I opened the box and my jaw fell slack. Yes! It was a Kindle! What in the world? Who would have sent me a Kindle? I pulled out the packing slip and in the small print at the bottom was a note from my sweet niece. She sent me a  belated birthday present! Now she is a law student at Pepperdine, so I know she can't have much money, yet she gave anyway.

She is a giver. A generous soul who gives out of love. I am so incredibly humbled and so incredibly blessed!


I have been perusing the free books on Amazon and to my delight have found many classics such as Jane Austen's novels. Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Sense & Sensibility...sigh. Plus, Amazon does free promotional books ever now and then. I was able to download Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart. Even Cami Tang had a free download several months ago that I downloaded for my PC in anticipation of my Kindle.

The Kindle is lightweight and easy to hold. The page looks just like the page of a book...no glare, no back light to hurt the eyes. It is marvelous!

The thought of holding what amounts to a library in my hands is just awesome. It's mind boggling!

And I'm going to be hard pressed to make myself sit in my chair to write instead of pulling out this little doo-dad and read to my heart's content.

So who has an eReader? Who loves it? Who hates it? Who wants one? Who doesn't?

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