April 06, 2012

My First Maundy Thursday

Our church, Plymouth Park Church of Christ, joined with the Presbyterian church down the street for a Maundy Thursday service last night. Maundy Thursday, otherwise known as Holy Thursday, is a day to remember the Last Supper that Jesus spent with his disciples. It is a time to reflect on the holiness of Jesus and his directives to us.

The message last night was a simple one. The events of the Last Supper were beautiful symbols of God's greatest commandments: Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.

When Jesus broke the bread and passed the cup during this supper, he was giving us a ritual to remember him and his holiness. We are to remember his sacrifice, his love, his holiness. We are to love Him and the One who sent Him.

When Jesus took off his outer garments, wrapped a towel around his waist, and began to wash his disciples feet, he was giving us an example to follow in expressing our love for others...the second greatest commandment.

When Jesus is Lord, he is not just the "boss" of our lives. He is Lord because he is our Savior. He didn't just tell us how to live - he showed us how we should live.

The One who is above all became the servant of all! When we fully understand this and take it to heart, His words, His "rules", His directives become joy to us. They become living water to our thirsty souls and bread to our hungry hearts.

At the end of the message last night, the church was asked to stand and make their way to the front of the sanctuary. When we got to the front, the pastor pour water over our hands, reminding us of Jesus's example to serve. We then were given the sacraments of communion, reminding us of God's love for us and His desire for us to love Him.

Have you experienced a Maundy Thursday service? How has God spoken his love over you lately? 


  1. I have experienced a feet washing among leadership before a retreat where we served the women all weekend. It was a humbling and beautiful experience!

    Love this, Sherrinda.

    1. Jessica,I cannot imagine someone washing my feet. I would think it would be an eye opening experience for sure.

  2. Our church held a Maundy Thursday service a few years ago. It was such a solemn heavy service. We were encouraged not to speak to anyone on the way out, but to remain in that somber, reflective frame of mind all the way home.

    It was a unique experience, and though I didn't provide any feedback on the service, I wonder if others did, because we haven't had a Maundy Thursday service since. We're back to Good Friday services.

    1. You know, from what I've been hearing, a Maundy Thursday service is usually very solemn. This one was not, but it truly made me think...and I love that!


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