January 11, 2013

Close Ups

Taking close ups with a camera is not as easy as I thought. I figured putting on the little "flower" icon for close ups would make pictures absolutely awesome! Nah...not so much. I found out you have to be really, really still to take close ups or else your picture gets blurry. I pulled back, but didn't get the close ups I wanted.

I found it really strange how the color of the roses changed when the flash went off and when it didn't. The red is lighter when the flash went off. I really like the deeper red myself. Here's some of my attempts, using the beautiful roses my husband gave me for our 28th Anniversary last weekend. 



May your Friday be a deliciously RED HOT Friday and FUN, FUN, FUN!


  1. Nice shots. I like the second one. Beautiful contrast between the white baby's breath and the deep red of the roses.

  2. Beautiful! I really like the 5th one. :) Are you going to frame them?

  3. You're really getting the hang of this camera. Keep posting pics!!


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