April 21, 2014

The Unity of Easter

My church, a Church of Christ, joined with the St. Stephen's Presbyterian church in Irving for Easter. The first half of the service was done by the Presbyterians and the second half by the CofC folks. And it was a beautiful thing. I think John (the C of C preacher...and my husband) said it best...

The best witness for Jesus Christ
 is not what we believe,
 but how we love others. 

And that love was shown in the unified service of two different groups who don't practice their beliefs in the same way, but love Jesus as one church and one body of believers. Isn't it wonderful to think of all the believers across the globe lifting up the name of Jesus and praising Him on Sunday mornings? The global church is a powerful presence in the world.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your Lord and your family. Here a few pictures of my wonderful day.

My 2 girls...my daughter (left) and daughter-in-law. Lovely, aren't they?

The Presbyterian pastor, Ron Salfen

My precious adopted grand-baby!

The beautiful Presbyterian Choir

The stained glass at the front of the church.

Have a blessed Monday, in the afterglow of Easter Sunday.


  1. Happy Easter to you. The stained glass window is so beautiful.

  2. Thanks, CJ! It is really is a beautiful church. There are stained glass panels on the sides of the church for each day of creation. Really pretty. I hope your day was wonderful too!


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