October 01, 2014

My Documented Life: Week 38

This week's challenge was easy and downright frustrating. The challenge was to use a feather(s) in your page. I had carved a peacock feather stamp and had cleaned it off on some under-paper (the paper I put under what I'm working on). So I cut out a piece and glue it onto my page. Then I printed out a peacock feather and glued that over it, defining it a bit with a black Neocolor crayon.

The frustrating part was what to do with the other pages. There is a lot of brown on my under-paper, so I decided to paint my pages brown, adding some purple since there was purple on the under-paper too. Terrible choice. It looked like a dirty diaper. So I gessoed over the whole thing and painted it purple instead. Not my favorite color. Anyway...it turned out better than I expected, but wasn't what I really wanted.

Have a happy Wednesday!

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