January 21, 2015

Documenting My Faith

So I have joined the Documented Faith group. It is kind of a spin off of the Documented Life Project. Basically, I'm joining the 2 projects. I'm doing one journal...the big one... for the art challenge. Then the smaller journal..the Moleskin journal...is what I'm using to document my life and my faith. I'm adding scripture to go along with the monthly theme in DF, and I'm adding scripture that relates to my One Word that I've chosen for the year. I think this is going to work for me and I am loving it.

I thought I'd share my pages, because I am loving my life and I cherish my faith. Scripture is such an important part of my life and I love how God speaks to me through the words I read in the Bible. There is truth there...truth that sets me free.

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