January 10, 2015

My Art Journal - Week 1: Documented Life Project 2015

So Week 1's prompt of the Documented Life Project was to us book pages in your spread. The month's theme is to face your fear of the blank page and so Week 1's challenge was to cover your page with book pages. So I covered my spread with pages from a songbook, a dictionary, a crossword puzzle and also pieces of the inside of safety envelopes. I painted with watered down acrylics, painted circles and used some stamps. I did a little journaling on the page and added a cool magazine piece in the middle. I wrote my goals for the year underneath the flap that I made out of a large recipe card that I painted with black gesso and glued a piece of my underpaper on. Adding some washi tape finished off the piece. It's not my favorite, but it turned out okay. (And I kept adding stuff to the page so you can't even see the book pages....too bad....I love book pages.)


  1. I like the image of the eye. Watching, sure, confidant, and brave

    1. I thought so too, CJ. It looked like she had a helmet on, ready for whatever comes her way. :)


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