February 28, 2015

Art Journal - Week 8

The prompt for the week in the Documented Life Project was to repeat an element in your journal.  I had no idea what to do, so I decided to go simple and repeat brush strokes. I painted the pages with black gesso, then began with dark gray paint and got lighter as I went toward the middle. I added some dark green, then some blue, then gold. I struggled with the way it looked and added more blue  strokes. I had to tone it down and then didn't like it. I kept added more color and then toning it down. I finally decided to stop and add some words. I think it turned out better than I expected.

Have a great day!


  1. Interesting technique. thank you for sharing your process.

  2. I just love your art, Sherrinda!

    1. Mary, you are so sweet! Thank you! I've had so many church obligations and then sickness, that I haven't had much time for art. I am really missing it!


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