February 13, 2018

Living Life Young

I've been told I don't look my age. I must have good genes, but I don't think that is what makes me seem younger.

To be honest, I think it is because I love to laugh. I don't mind looking silly. I don't care if people laugh at me. Hey...I laugh at me. In fact, I record Dubsmash videos of myself and save them to my phone so if I'm down or discouraged, I can watch the videos and bring a smile to my heart.

I was going through some pictures the other day and thought I'd share some of my fun and silly photos.


I am married to a man who makes me laugh every single day. He is a kid at heart and I like to think I've absorbed some of his youthful spirit.

So laugh. Indulge in funny jokes, silly movies, and crazy pictures. Don't care what others think. Just have fun. Life's too short to just act your age. There's no fun in that!

How do you stay young at heart?


  1. My dad once told me never to lose the child within.

    1. Hi CJ!!! You dad's advice is priceless. Definitely words to live by!

  2. Fun post! Love your silly photos!

    Playing with my grandsweeties brings out my fun side....putting on costumes, playing with toys, and creative dancing....the best of treasured times!

    Thanks for making me smile! 😀

    1. Awww, I am sure playing with grand-babies is the best fun of all! And I love that you call them grandsweeties! I may adopt that name whenever I get some of my own. <3


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